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Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator message

November 6, 2009 Leave a comment

If your own pc suddenly displays this message when you’re trying to do something, chances are most probably some kind of malware has infected your pc. To remove this message, download this file and double-click it. It should now remove this problem forever. I got the file from some website while Googling thru the internet to fix this problem. If this file belongs to you, please contact me by commenting on this post so I can give you the proper credit.

p/s: However if this problem surfaces again, most probably because the malware is not yet removed from your system. Try running any updated anti-virus or anti-malware on your pc to clean the malware. By the way the file above is a free software called Remove Restriction Tool v 1.0.

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for what the file may cause to your pc. The file works perfectly on my pc and most (if not all) other pc, so there’s a big chance it will work perfectly on your pc too.

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Make javascript functions load last

November 6, 2009 Leave a comment

Perhaps there’ll be a time when you need your javascript function to load last inside a page. Simply put the javascript code before the tag of your page. Done :)!

For example:

alert(“This alert is displayed when everything else has been loaded!”);

//calls an ajax command, non ajax-commands works too
new Ajax.Updater(‘droparea’, ‘my-cart.php’, { method:’post’, parameters: { action: ‘display’}});

p/s: Take note that javascript functions won’t be loaded unless you explicitly calls it first

for example:

//The script below won’t be called

function hoyoyo(){
alert(“This alert is displayed when everything else has been loaded!”);

So just add a caller to the function to make it work

hoyoyo(); //calls the function below
function hoyoyo(){
alert(“This alert is displayed when everything else has been loaded!”);

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php strloc / php string location

November 6, 2009 Leave a comment

NO. PHP doesn’t have str loc, or string location. but php do have strpos (string position). which works very much the same i assume. go here for more info on this strpos

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November 6, 2009 6 comments

You just installed and now you’re about to install some plugins which require the API key to work.. and you look everywhere in your for that API key but couldn’t find it. It’s because it’s not there. In other words, doesn’t have any API key. Yes, you read that right. You would never find any API key in

So how do you install those plugins that need the API key, right? The answer is you have to create an account with and you’ll get the API key there. Yes, maybe you think you don’t need any account with since you already have your own running, but the fact is, the plugins that require the API key actually need to run. And most probably the plug-in was wrote by the good guys at

So, head on to, register yourself a new account which probably you’ll never bother again in the future and get yourself an API key by logging in into your newly created account.

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Php copy .. failed to open stream: Permission denied in …

November 6, 2009 1 comment

Ever faced this problem when you’re trying to copy files using php? Well, as the error above said, you’re having a permission problem to access the source and/or destination file. I’ll describe two possible ways to overcome this problem:

1)If this problem happened on your local pc, you’ll just have to right click on the folder where the file resides, click Properties, and make sure the Read Only Attributes is not checked. Try running the code again.
2)If this problem happened on your internet(hosting) server, you’ll have to set the permission of the folder. If you’re using CPanel, go to File Manager, and browse to the parent directory of the folder, check (tick) the folder name, and click on the ‘Change Permissions’ button. Try enabling the folder’s Read, Write, and Execute for World and Group. Try running the code again.

For security reasons, after you’re sure that the code works, don’t forgot to tweak the permission settings so that only the minimal permission is granted. Sure you don’t want anyone out there to overwrite your files, don’t you?

Hope this post helps somebody out there!

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