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Victory makes Jihad attractive’

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Publication time: 5 March 2008, 17:53

Amir Sayfullah: “I Ask Allah to Grant Us Victory at a Time When We Will Be Ready to Rightly Make Use of Its Fruits”

A correspondent for Kavkaz Center met with Amir Abdullah, commander of a Special Operational Group (SOG) that eliminated Anatoliy Kyarov, an infamous sadistic murtad, who headed the so called “6th department” (organized crime dept.) of the puppet Ministry of the Interior, in January 2008, and also interviewed amir Sayfullah, the Wali of the Combined Wilayah of Kabarda, Balkaria and Karachay, asking him about some details regarding the elimination of the murtad ringleader Anatoliy Kyarov.

Question to Amir Abdullah:
KC: You lead the operation aimed at eliminating Anatoliy Kyarov (known under the nickname of Tolyan), the infamous ringleader of the “6th department” (organized crime dept.) gang. Can you tell us some details?

Abdullah: In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful!

Praise be to Allah, Who created us Muslims and did us a great favor with Jihad on His straight path, giving us an opportunity to deserve Paradise.

Kyarov (on picture with Putin), an enemy of Allah, and his “commando” guard Rakhayev were eliminated, inshaAllah. Another traitor was wounded during this special operation, which was carried out by Mujahideen of a Special Operational Group of the Combined Wilayah of Kabarda, Balkaria and Karachay. Allah, the Most High, says: “You killed them not, but Allah killed them” (Surat al-Anfal, 8:17).

9 January we received intelligence information indicating that Kyarov and his accomplices can show up at the following address: Tolstoy street, 75. The military intelligence had been keeping the location under observation.

12 January in the evening we were alarmed and our group moved to the mentioned location. I received an order from the Amir to eliminate the “organized crime dept.” ringleader at any price. Mujahideen were instructed that they must finish their job regardless of circumstances, and not retreat until they were sure that “Tolyan” was dead.

KC: Kafir media claimed that Kyarov fired back “till the last bullet, defending his guards”.

Abdullah: “Commandos” protecting Kyarov were neutralized during the first seconds of the firefight, and their leader fell out of the car and lay face down on the ground. He evidently thought that we would escape right away after attacking the car.

Regarding Kyarov, when the shooting stopped (we were reloading our weapon) he made several shots in our direction and tried to run away, but was hit by a burst from an assault rifle.

One of the brothers captured the scoundrel’s handgun, a PMM pistol, and shot him in his head. There were many rounds left in the pistol’s magazine.

KC: Everything happened in the center of the city, in front of the drug dealers’ office, where drug commandos were stationed. In the next quarter there are buildings of FSB, police station №2, “anti-terror” center and other gangs, next to each other. And there were just three of you. Was it a martyrdom operation?

Abdullah: We received an order and we carried it out, by the grace of Allah. Any mission, even the easiest one, can become the last for anyone of us. But we went for Jihad, not for a walk. Anyone of us dreams about sacrificing his life for the sake of Allah.

Of course that does not mean that we act thoughtlessly. We carefully prepare for any operation and use all available resources in order to successfully carry out a mission. We value life and health of every Mujahid.

So in this operation, apart from the main group, a cover group and a reserve group were involved, they were ready to engage kuffar if necessary.

Our groups are armed by weapons with special ammunition for suppressed fire. Every fighter has armor piercing, incendiary/armor piercing and high impulse cartridges for hitting objects protected by individual protection equipment. This ammunition is also effective against light armored vehicles.

Besides, every mobile group is armed by anti-tank grenade launchers and remotely detonated directional mines. We use modern communication devices and special technical tools.

KC: We guess you planned some routes for withdrawal. And did the Mujahideen suffer casualties?
Abdullah: Every time when we are planning an operation, we always provide for several plans to withdraw to bases. We did not suffer casualties, by the grace of Allah. All Mujahideen safely returned to places of temporary stationing.

One of our cars was damaged, but brothers from our technical department fixed it after several hours.

KC: Is it true that peaceful residents were wounded during the operation?

Abdullah: We didn’t receive trustworthy information regarding that, but don’t rule out such possibility. According to our information, two young hooligans training in the “police academy” gang camp were wounded.

During such operations we try our hardest to avoid casualties among Muslims. If someone from the believers did indeed suffer, then we apologize to them and hope that they will receive their reward from Allah for what they had to suffer.

We also apologize to Muslims living in that area for disturbing them.

And in conclusion, praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.

Interview with Amir Sayfullah, the Wali of the Combined Wilayah of Kabarda, Balkaria and Karachay.

KC: Our editorial staff received a report indicating that the Mujahideen command planned to carry out an operation in Nalchik aimed at eliminating “FSB” ringleader Patrushev. Is it true that the plan was foiled by one of the local apostates, I mean “organized crime dept.” gang leader Kyarov?

Sayfullah: Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds. May peace and blessings of Allah be upon His Messenger, Muhammad, his family and all companions.

No, we did not plan an operation against Patrushev. Patrushev is a bloodthirsty maniac, but he does not have the courage to drive around Nalchik without a convoy of armored vehicles.

If that scoundrel would want to drive through our city, then local puppets would deploy a whole army of kuffar in Nalchik, and close off all roads beforehand.

According to our info, that criminal showed up in one of the hard to access mountainous regions of our Wilayah, in order to attend the landing of “FSB” commandos on the Elbrus mountain.

According to our information, right away after the show Patrushev flew away in a helicopter in direction of Rusnya. According to kuffar’s idea, that propaganda show should demonstrate that Rusnya (Russia) still controls Kabarda, Balkaria and Karachay. However, successful operations of Mujahideen in different regions of our Wilayah prove the opposite.

After Amir Abu Usman (Dokka Umarov) declared the restoration of the Islamic Statehood in the North Caucasus, and our front became a part of the Emirate of Caucasus, we saw how Allah granted us one victory after another.

The successful operation that eliminated the ringleader of murtaddin (apostates) Kyarov is a crucial moment in our struggle.

KC: Was that person really so significant figure in the enemies’ camp?

Sayfullah: Kuffar changed “presidents”, “prosecutors”, “ministers”, other officials, but the “6th department” and his permanent leader and gray cardinal Kyarov were always the flag of the fight against Islam in Kabarda and Balkaria.

He always acted in the shadow of his bosses and hid behind backs of his subordinates. After the first attempt to eliminate him, when he miraculously stayed safe, Kyarov swore us that he had nothing to do with the murder of our brother Rasul Tsakoyev. He even claimed that he “had an alibi” and that he “was not present at the department that day”, he assured us that his only desire was “to retire as soon as possible and quietly meet his old age”. But he lied, and Allah exposed his lie.

This maniac was guilty in murdering and torturing many innocent victims. He found pleasure in torturing and humiliating humans. The whole world was shocked after seeing photos of Muslims, who were subjected to inhuman tortures in Kyarov’s lair after being captured in the aftermath of the attack against kuffar in 2005.

After those events the enemy of Allah and Islam was scared himself of the consequences of his cruelty and hid for some time. But two months ago he ordered to torture to death our brother Zaytun Gayev, who was then thrown out of a window, in order to conceal signs of their atrocities.

Kyarov was not satisfied by torturing people in the “organized crime dept.” lair. In addition, this sick sadist arranged a torture chamber in his home’s basement.

Some of his relatives even refused to communicate with him, after knowing about his unhealthy propensities. He also had other mental deviations. Driven by the thirst for profit, he balked at nothing.

The criminal group organized by him controlled shares of the drug dealing market and slavery (child trade, prostitution).

He also received a big profit from racketeering. He laid under tribute many big and small businessmen.

Kyarov was a personification of impunity and inspired hope in hearts of apostates and hypocrites. His death was a convincing proof that a punishment from Allah is inevitable.

KC: Usually Russians don’t trust local traitors. To how much extent did they trust Kyarov?
Sayfullah: Although Russian invaders call local munafiqun “monkeys”, Moscow regarded Kyarov one of the most loyal dogs. Putin personally awarded him in Kremlin, decorating him with a cross (“a decoration of marriage”).

KC: Kuffar bring forward contradictory versions regarding how Kyarov showed up at the location where he was killed. Some claim that the “organized crime dept.” ringleader arrived at the courtyard of the building at Shogentsukov street “for official affairs”, others say that “he was lured there with guile”. What in fact happened?

Sayfullah: We received information that his (Kyarov’s) lover lived at that address. We can’t claim that that woman is an adulterer, because it is possible that she was married to the “colonel”. She could be his second wife. The lack of registration in a kafir registry office means nothing. Anyhow, at least four witnesses are required to accuse a Muslim woman of adultery. I can certainly affirm only one thing: “organized crime dept.” ringleader did not have any official affairs there.

KC: Carrying out such operation in the center of a city under kafir occupation is a very risky undertaking. Wasn’t it possible to catch Kyarov in another place?

Sayfullah: We rely on Allah and hope only on Him. Yes, there was some risk, and not small. But such is the specific character of working under occupation. In all military academies of the world soldiers learn by heart a well-known precept of commandos:

“To act only through the shortest course, to go forward regardless of obstacles, ignoring consequences. Even if it will result in a desperate situation. Because it is a desperate situation what dictates such way of actions”.

Muslims under occupation, when an enemy is superior in weaponry and manpower, must have such way of thinking. Our righteous predecessors from the companions of the Prophet, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, and their followers, understood Jihad in this way. It is one of the fundamentals of the military science, which kuffar some time ago borrowed from the Muslims.

KC: How did residents of the Wilayah respond to the elimination of Kyarov?

Sayfullah: Most of the people are rejoicing till now. Even alcohol drinkers are laying the table and drink “for the victory”.

Too many people (not only Muslims) suffered from actions of that maniac and his gang. Many weak Muslims cheered up and now want to participate in Jihad.

Allah, the Most High and the Almighty, says in the Qur’an: “Fight against them so that Allah will punish them by your hands and disgrace them and give you victory over them and heal the breasts of a believing people, and remove the anger of their (believers’) hearts. Allah accepts the repentance of whom He wills. Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise” (Surat al-Tawbah, 9:14-15).

There is no doubt, that any victory makes Jihad attractive for people and increases the number of our supporters. But we don’t seek to please the people, we strive to please Allah. And there will always be displeased among the people.

Iles Gorchkhanov, may Allah have mercy on him, used to tell a story about two Mujahideen. One of them jumped over a fence of a kuffar checkpoint with a pistol, captured weapon of one of them and killed everyone who was there. People said: “What a good Mujahid! How precisely he calculated everything! He must have been very experienced”.

Another Mujahid tried to do the same, but kuffar noticed him when he was jumping over the fence, and he was martyred without killing anyone. The people said: “What a foolish behavior! How could he attack kuffar armed to their teeth alone with a pistol? It was suicide!”.

Their actions were the same, and the outcome was different. Allah the Almighty promises us one of the two good outcomes: either Victory or Paradise. Any of these good outcomes is a success. We are just a reason, and the outcome of any affair completely belongs to Allah the Most High.

KC: Many brothers and sisters are asking, why did the Mujahideen execute the sentence regarding Kyarov only now?

Sayfullah: Allah the Most High says in the Qur’an: “And no person can ever die except by Allah’s Leave and at an appointed term” (Surat Al ‘Imran, 3:145).

If it was Allah’s will, He would kill all kuffar on earth and leave only believers. But the Almighty puts us to the test: how much do we love Him and what we are ready to sacrifice for His sake. Whom do we fear more: Allah or worthless kuffar.

The patience of Allah is great and great is His wisdom. His just retribution is inevitable. He says: “Or think those who do evil deeds that they can outstrip Us (i. e. escape Our punishment)? Evil is that which they judge!” (Surat al-‘Ankabut, 29:4).

I ask Allah to grant us victory at a time when we will be ready to rightly make use of its fruits.

KC: “Organized crime dept.” gang chief’s “post” is vacant. Who, in your opinion, will be appointed to this “post”?

Sayfullah: I don’t think that kuffar will be able to find a proper substitute for Kyarov. During different times, kuffar who headed the “organized crime dept.” or the “Ministry of Interior” were all stupids. It was Kyarov who dealt with all issues. Therefore it is of no importance who will be appointed to whatever post.

Regarding the “6th department” chief’s post, only the most stupid of murtadin will occupy it. We are satisfied by it at this stage. Russian kuffar don’t need another dumbbell with shoulder straps, but a cunning and crafty scoundrel, who will pick up from the dirt the flag of fight against Islam.

They dream about entrusting some crime bosses with this mission, but those prudently refuse.

Regarding “colonels” from the Ministry of the Interior, they were thrown into panic. They are saying: “If Mujahideen had managed to kill Kyarov, then they will simply tear to pieces anyone of us”.

We are closely watching the situation, in order to immediately stop any attempt to install a new ringleader, if need be. One who will carry on Kyarov’s work, will be our main target, regardless of what gang he will belong to.

And there is no might nor power except with Allah.

Allahu Akbar!

Kavkaz Center

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