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Speed Up My PC 3.5 broke PHP?

March 31, 2008 2 comments

My PHP + Apache + MySQL program was working perfectly well, until I installed and run Speed Up My PC 3.5 which is supposed to, well, speed up my pc..

I then run my PHP site which has session enabled, but unfortunately it returns an error. Dang! Must be the Speed Up My software, since right before I installed that software, my site was running smoothly.

So I ended up uninstalling the software. And to make things sure, I also uninstalled and completely reinstalled PHP and Apache. I choose to install the newer PHP 5, as previously I was using PHP 4. And then my site starts working perfectly again…

*Some time ago I used a quite similar ‘optimization’ software, but it also ended up giving problems to my developed applications.. it seems that all this ‘optimization’ software is not for us programmers at all.

I posted my experience here, just in case somebody else faced similar problem.

p/s: For some reason, my site works OK only at this time. After I restarted my computer, problems came out again..[Please refer to the post just above this for detailed post about it.]